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Friday 20th October 2017

A quick update on Thursday's competition. The 1st medal of the Winter Season. Played in decent weather conditions and a few winter greens it still seemed pretty tough as the best gross of the day was an 82. Best net was by the winner Bill Anson with a net 66, runner up was George Bullamore with a net 70. Malcolm Pearson was 3rd with a net 71 and in 4th was Jim Cruddas also with a net 71. David Hoggard recorded the only to of he day

Monday 16th October 2017

The first day of the winter season got of to a rather unusual start in that it was rather a dark glooming morning with shower for the first couple of hours and then it got brighter and warm. It was discovered later in the day that the gloomy start was caused by a sand storm whipped up from the Sahara Desert which gave the sun when it did appear a dark reddish colour. Anyway apart for that 29 members took part in a stableford competition which was won by Jim Fihelebon with 44 points, runner up was David Walby with with 40 points. Also on 40 points were the 3rd and 4th places, Adam Aitken and Malcom Pearson. Two's recorded by Jim Fihelebon and Adam Aitken


Thursday 12th October 2017

Considering the weather and rain that fell during the previous two days we were rather fortunate to be playing golf today. The green staff worked hard to prepare a course to allow the Captains end of season competition to proceed. Even though there were a number of cry offs there was a good turn out for the event and the lunch following the game. Members were either representing the Captain, Vice Captain or Past Captain. The Past Captains team took the honours this year, the Captains team were runners up and the Vice Captains team trailed in an honourable last.

So ends the summer season of golf and next Monday sees the start of the winter season. There is no winter league this year due to lack of support. It is hoped that there will be enough support to run the Greensome Knockout. Other than that we will endeavour to enjoy the winter golf as best we can

Monday 9th October 2017

Today was the last of the summer competitions, the Medal Final and a few trophies up for grabs. The order of merit, the Medal Final and the Super vets. 33 members took part, played in reasonable conditions, just the odd light shower and little or no wind and an odd ray of sunshine. The winner today was Frank Riley with a net 69, runner up was George Bullamore with a net 70, 3rd place went to Guy Newing with a net 71 and in 4th place was the Captain, Jim Cruddas with a net 72. Twos' recorded by George Bullamore, Gronwyn Hughes & John Thwaites. Highlight of the day was a 'Hole in One' recorded by Harry Martin on the 9th

George Bullamore's second place was good enough for him to retain his top spot on the Order of Merit table, He was also a Medal Final Qualifier so he won this trophy also. So congratulations to George. One other trophy was confirmed today and that is that David Slater wins the Super Vet's trophy. (Best over 75 on the Order of Merit)

Thursday 5th October 2017

A decent day for a change, sunshine all morning but a bit wet underfoot in places. Today the members took part in the Stableford final which was won by Brian Richardson with 39 points, runner up was John Thwaites with 38 points. Peter Milnes was 3rd also with 38 points and in 4th place was Warren Holt with 37 points Just the one 2 recorded and that was by John Roberson

Congratulations go to Brian on winning the Stableford Trophy

Thursday 28th September 2017

Lovely autumn morning for golf. Good turn out by members today, 42 taking part in a stableford competition. Winner today was Peter Marsden with 44 points, runner up was Ian Melrose with 43 points. in 3rd place was Bill Anson also with 43 points and 4th was Adam Aitken with 41 points. Two's recorded by Adam Aitken, Peter Hudson, John Roberson & Brian Richardson

Monday 25th September 2017

Yet another competition lost to the weather. Today's team event cancelled due to a rather wet course following heavy overnight rain. The course did reopen around 11am.

Last Thursday's 9 hole competition was also lost to the weather but rather fortunately the party of 16 members that travelled over to Powfoot for a match against the Powfoot Seniors did play. The rain having passed over the area by the time the match got under way and it was a very pleasant afternoons golf even though the Mallards lost 4½ - 3½. It was the last of the matches for the summer season

Monday 18th September 2017

After a run of medal competitions it was a welcome change for many that a stableford competition was played today. 34 members turned out for the event. The very early starters having to endure the rain for the first few holes. Winner today was Malcolm Pearson with 42 points, runner up was Guy Newing with 40 points, Harry Martin in 3rd place also returned 40 points. John Turner was 4th with 38 points. Guy Newing recorded the only two of the day

Tee time for next Monday's team event are posted

Friday 15th September 2017

A quick update on this weeks events, two medal competitions played but it seems the rain was a major player in that a few temporary greens had to be introduced to allow play. Monday's medal was won by Peter Marsden with a net 69. Peer Milnes was runner up with a net 70, 3rd was Adam Aitken with a net 73 and 4th was Frank Riley with a net 74, Two's on this day recorded by Brian Richardson & Vic Winn. Thursday's medal was the 5th round of the medal 'Eclectic' won by Jim Cruddas with a net 72, John Roberson also returned a net 72 to take the runners up spot. 3rd was Jim Fihelebon with a net 76, Guy Newing also returned a net 76 for 4th place. Two's recorded by Peter Hudson, Stuart Richardson & Mike Dodd

Thursday 7th September 2017

Rather a damp morning with regular showers. Still 30 members did turn out and play in a team medal which was won by the team of Doug Dixon, Des Bitcon & John Roberson with a net 136, second was the team of John Turner, David Slater and David Harding with a net 137. Third placed team was that of Jim Cruddas, Peter Milnes and Bob Paterson also with a net 137

Monday 4th September 2017

Mixed day weather wise, sunshine and showers. A party of members travelled over to Maryport today for a match against the Maryport seniors, The Mallards lost, (whitewashed) Other members played a 9 hole stableford competition, 18 member took part. Following some minor problems with signing in we have a provisional result, 1st Ken Sloan, 2nd Frank Riley and 3rd John Morton Carruthers. Full result will follow

Thursday 31st August 2017

A mixture of inter club match play and social golf. The Mallards played a match against Kirkcudbright Seniors and had a resounding win 7 matches to nil. On the social golf played today a mention and congratulations must go to Harry Smith for his Hole in One on the 6th. Shame it wasn't in a competition.

Team Medal Tee Times for the 7th September posted

Thursday 24th August 2017

The 4th round of the Medal 'Eclectic' got under way having been postponed from an earlier day. 24 members took part in the event and for a change it was played in quite pleasant conditions. 3 members returned a net 72 so on a CPO George Bullamore was the winner, runner up was Brian Richardson and 3rd was Peter Milnes, 4th was Warren Holt with a net 73 and as there were no 2's today Adam Aitken was 5th with a net 76

Monday 21st August 2017

A bit of a cold start to the day that improved as the morning wore on. 35 members took part in a stableford competition which was won by Harry Smith with 40 points, runner up was Peter Marsden with 39 points. Gronwyn Hughes was 3rd with 38 points and Brian Richardson was 4th also with 38 points. Just the one 2 recorded today and that was by Adam Aitken

Thursday 17th August 2017

A loveley bright warm sunny day which is more than cn be said for Monday's wash out. Today the Memebrs played the Annual Celts v English for the Nations Trophy and this year the Celts won,

Thursday 10th August 2017

Round two of the Ralph Ramsden Medal Trophy. Lovely warm sunny day for all taking part in the competition. 36 members played and today's round was won by Brian Richardson with a net 69, Harry Martin was runner up with a net 71. Gilmour McKellar was 3rd with a net 72 and in 4th place was Guy Newing with a net 72. Two's recorded by Brain Richardson & Gilmour McKellar.

Brian Richardson has won the Ralph Ramsden Trophy with a combined score of 140 net (71, 69). Congratulations to Brian

Monday 7th August 2017

Great start to the morning, a cloud burst causing havoc on the course for the early starters, green staff out sweeping the greens. After that a good morning for all. Some 30 plus players took part in round 1 of the Ralph Ramsden Trophy, a medal competition. Winner today was Peter Milnes with a net 68, runner up was Derek Smith with a net 69, (Derek's best return for some considerable time) In 3rd place was Brian Richardson with a net 71 and 4th was Bill Anson with a net 74. Two's recorded by George Bullamore, Ian Melrose, Guy Newing & David Slater

Seemingly there was problems with the computer terminal, hopefully the scores will be entered and recorded before the start of the 2nd round of the competition

Thursday 3rd August 2017

An update on yesterday's Captains Away Day. 31 members set of at 8am to travel to Gosforth Golf Club and had a very successful day. Other than a little shower the weather was good the course was good and the green a bit fast for the liking of some. After a bacon butty and cuppa the members played a stableford competition. John Turner was the winner of the Captains prize with 38 points, runner up was David Harding with 37 points, Bill Anson was 3rd with 35 points. Harry Martin recorded the only 2 of the day. Following the golf an enjoyable meal was had by all.

Today was the Frank Walker Trophy, usually well supported by members of the Mallards Section but a pretty poor turn out on this occasion with just nine members taking part, and at the time of writing Brian Richardson appears to have returned the best score

Monday 31st July 2017

Match day again. This time a home match against Maryport Seniors. Other members that did go and play early before the match had to contend with some very heavy showers as did the members playing the match, fortunately the good weather returned after playing 6 or 7 holes. The Mallards won the match 5 ½ - 2 ½

Thursday 27th July 2017

Captains Day, Wet Day. 40 members of the section turned out to play in the Captains Day Stableford competition vying for the 'Slippery Frog' Trophy. Sadly it was rather a wet day with regular heavy showers, so quite a few participants got rather 'drookit' as did the course with some greens flooding. Still a good day with an enjoyable meal after the golf. Winner on the day was Brian McLauchlan with 39 points. Runner up was John Thwaites with 38 points, 3rd and 4th places, Gronwyn Hughes and David Slater also returned 38 points. 2s recorded by Gilmour McKellar and Stuart Richardson

Congratulations to Brian McLauchlan on winning the Trophy

Monday 24th July 2017

A party of members travelled to Hexham for a match against the Hexham Seniors, The remaining members played a 9 hole stableford competition. The match was won by Hexham 4½ - 3½. The stableford competition was won by Bill Anson with 21 points, runner up was Jack Carruthers with 20 points, Brian McLauchlan was 3rd with 19 points, Jim Fihelebon and Brian Rowe were 4th & 5th respectively with 18 points. The green keeper declared that all bunker were GUR and as such the competition was a non qualifier. Not that there would have been any adjustments as the scoring system went on the blink again!

Thursday 20th July 2017

Following on from yesterday's Seniors Open a small number of members played a 9 hole stableford competition on the Hadrian's Course, a good challenge. Winner with 19 points was David McCulloch, runner up was Adam Aitken with 18 points, 3rd place went to David Slater also with 18 points. In 4th was John Turner with 17 points and in 5th place was Brian Rowe with 16 points

Wednesday 19th July 2017

Eden Seniors Open, click on the results link for the list of winner. Good to see that a variety of clubs were represents in the prizes

Monday 17th July 2017

Good to be back playing in warm to hot conditions. The members took part in a Texas Scramble won by the team of Ian Melrose, Brian McLauchlan & Bob Paterson with a net 65.6. Runners up were David Parson, Ernie Duncan & John Turner with a net 66.2. In 3rd place was the team of Adam Aitken, John Roberson & Jack Carruthers with a net 67

Friday 14th July 2017

A bit of a change playing a Mallards competition on a Friday. A cool day in which 28 members turned out to play a stableford competition. George Bullamore was the winner with 39 points, John Roberson was runner up with 37 points, Adam Aitken 3rd with 35 points. Gronwyn Hughes and David Parson's were 4th and 5th respectively also with 35 points. No 2s today.

28 players signed in and 27 scores were entered. Just a reminder that all players having entered and played in a competition are required to enter a score on completion of their round, even an N/R. Today is the third competition in a row which a score has not been entered

Monday 10th July 2017

Maybe the wet start to the morning was more than enough to put a few members of coming out to play, just a meagre 27 members took part in today's competition. The sunshine did appear later in the morning. It was round 3 of the Medal 'Eclectic' won by out captain Jim Cruddas with a net 72, Runner up was Peter Marsden with a net 73, In 3rd place was Harry Smith also with a net 73 and in 4th place was Peter Milnes, he to had a net 73. 2s recorded by Bob Paterson, George Bullamore, Brian Richardson & Frank Riley

Thursday 6th July 2017

A pleasant day for golf in which 36 members took part in a medal competition comfortably won by Adam Aitken who returned a gross 77, net 68. Runner up was Bill Anson with a net 70, Gilmour McKellar also returned a net 70 for 3rd place and Peter Marsden was 4th with at net 72. 2s recorded by Harry Martin and Gilmour McKellar

Monday 3rd July 2017

A mixtrue of social golf and an inter club match. Today's match was against Workington, the result being a win for the Mallards 5 - 3

Thursday 29th June 2017

Again, another day lost to the weather. Sadly it was the Captains day but the good news it that it has been rearranged. The new date is Thursday 27th July and there will be a two tee start that day allowing us to sit down together for the meal within an hour of the first groups finishing

Monday 26th June 2017

A really good day for golf, quite warm with some sunshine and very little wind. This was reflected in the score returned by the members taking part in a 4BBB Stableford. 16 pairs took part in the event which was split into two divisions. Harry Martin and David Wrightson comfortably won Division 1 with 46 points. Runners up were Vic Winn & Stuart Richardson with 42 points. 3rd was the pair of Bob Paterson & Gronwyn Hughes also with 42 points. Division 2 was won by John Turner & Des Bitcon with 42 points. 2nd place was the pair of John Welch & Alan Nixon with 41 points and in 3rd place was David Langley & Derek Smith. Good to see that some of the higher handicap members were in the prizes.

If members are finding problems with the update of PDF file, click the refresh button on your browser

Thursday 22nd June 2017

A bit of a cooler start to the day, perfect conditions for golf. Playing a stableford competition 31 members took part in the event. Three players returned the same score, 42 points. So in order it was Kenneth Sloan 1st, Cyril Hankey 2nd and Ernie Duncan 3rd. In 4th place with 41 points was Gilmour McKellar. George Bullamore and John Welch recorded the only 2s of the day.

Monday 19th June 2017

The delayed second round of the Phil Harrison Medal Trophies was played today, 33 members took part playing in very hot weather conditions, the hottest golf day for the Mallards so far this summer. Winner on the day was George Bullamore with a net 70. Brian Richardson was runner up, Adam Aitken was rd and John Turner 4th. The three of them returning net 71s. Brain Richardson & Des Bitcon shared the 2s pot.

An interesting result to the actual winners of the Trophies in that both Brian & Adam returned equal scores in both gross & net results. On each round of the competition Brain had the better gross back 9 and is therefore the winner of the Phil Harrison Scratch Trophy and Adam the winner of the Phil Harrison Handicap Trophy. Congratulations to both

Thursday 15th June 2017

Round two of the Alex McPhee Stableford trophy and it seems it's all about Brian Richardson. Playing in blustery conditions again, Brian returned a score of 40 points to take first place. Combined with his first round score of 37 points he was the overall winner of the Alex McPhee Trophy, piping Des Bitcon by one point. Brian Also recorded the only 2 of the day. Des was runner up today with 39 points. 3rd place went to one of the new members, Robert Guyan with 37 points and in 4th place was Peter Hudson also with 37 points.

Congratulations to Brian on winning the Alex McPhee Trophy

Monday 12th June 2017

At least it didn't rain today just blew a gale making scoring difficult for the majority. It was round one of the Alex McPhee Stableford Trophy in which 33 members took part. Des Bitcon, George Bullamore and Brian Richardson all returned 37 points and were 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively. In 4th place was Peter Marsden. Brian Richardson recorded the only 2s today, recording 2.

Thursday 8th June 2017

Not the best of weeks by any means. Just the one winner and that is the weather. The members that were travelling to Gosforth on Wednesday were nicely poised on the coach ready for the off when the organiser received word that the course was closed for the day. The reason being the course was waterlogged following heavy overnight rain. Similarly today's competition was cancelled due to the rain.

The away day to Gosforth has been re-arranged for Wednesday 2nd August 2017, travel arrangements as previously.

Monday 5th June 2017

There should have been a party of members travelling over to Workington for a match but due to the weather in Workington on Sunday evening this match was cancelled. The weather today was not the best, very windy and heavy showers but fortunately it was just a 9 hole medal organised for today. 17 members took part in it and it was a day of high score for all. Not sure why but the computer was deducting the full handicap for the nine hole scores being entered and was not giving a true result for the 9 holes. Regardless the winner on the day was Ernie Duncan with a net 35, runner up was Brian McLauchlan also with a net 53, 3rd place went to Douglas Pringle with a net 38 and in 4th place with the best of a number with net 40s was Ian Melrose. No 2s recorded


Thursday 1st June 2017

A perfect day for golf, quite warm with a slight breeze. Today's competition was a stableford in which 36 members took part. John Roberson was the winner on the day with 43 points, runner up was Harry Smith with 42 points, Jim Fihelebon was 3rd with 41 points and Guy Newing was 4th with 40 points. 2's recorded by John Roberson, Malcolm Pearson, Des Bitcon, Peter Marsden & Derek Smith

Thursday 25th May 2017

An early morning mist soon gave way to a blistering hot day, the hottest day of the year so far. Quite a few members raised their umbrellas to keep out the heat and glare of the sun. Today saw the members take part in a Yellowball Stableford, 13 teams took part in the event won by Harry Martin, John Thwaites and Cyril Hankey with 82 points. Runner up was the team of Sandy Thorburn, David Hoggard & Des Bitcon with 81 points. 3rd place was the team of David Harding, Jim Fihelebon & Ernie Duncan with 75 points

Yesterday a party of members travelled to Penrith Golf Club to play in a match against the Penrith Seniors, The Mallards lost on this occasion 5 - 4

Modnay 22nd May 2017

Is summer here at last? It was a lovely warm day interrupted by one heavy shower midway through the mornings play. 36 members took part in a stableford competition comfortably won by Dennis Massey with 41 points. Runner up was Jim Fihelebon with 39 points, in 3rd place was Warren Holt also with 39 points. Ernie Duncan was 4th; he returned the best of a few with 38 points. 2's recorded by David Langley & Malcolm Pearson

Friday 19th May 2017

Yesterday, Thursday 18th May 2017, 36 members took part in the delayed 1st round of the Phil Harrison Medal. A net 71 was the best return on the day recorded by 3 members. So in order the winner on a CPO was Brian Richardson, runner up was Adam Aitken, 3rd was Mike Dodd. 4th place went to Vic Winn with a net 72 also on a CPO. 2's recorded by Peter Marsden, Frank Riley and Harry Martin who eagled the 7th for his 2

Monday 15th May 2017

After weeks of dry weather the rain returned with a vengeance today. About a dozen brave hearts did go out and play the competition, which was the 1st round of the Phil Harrison Trophy. The majority had had more than enough after nine holes and gave up. The result being the competition was cancelled and will now be played over the following dates. Round 1 this Thursday the 18th May, round 2 will be played on Monday 19th June 2017

Team event start sheet updated

Thursday 11th May 2017

A stableford competition was played today. Results, order of merit and finals qualifiers pages updated

Monday 8th May 2017

A mixture of social and match play golf today. The Mallards were hosts to the seniors from Powfoot Golf Club. A rather cool start to the day that warmed up as the morning wore on. Very windy to boot. The result being a comfortable win for the Mllards 6 - 2

The Captains Corner has been updated

Thursday 4th May 2017

A rather cool start to the morning and as the morning warmed up the wind got stronger and made golf difficult. It was round to of the Medal Eclectic in which 37 members took part. John Glendinning was the winner with a net 72, John Welch was runner up with a net 73, John Tuner was 3rd with a net 74 and Jim Fihelebon was 4th with a net 75. Jim also recorded the only 2 of the day

Thursday 27th April 2017

A good day for golf, warm with a bit of a breeze and another good turn out by members. 46 took part in a medal competition, though only 44 entered their score. No one managed a 2 today and the top 5 all returned a net 70 so in order ti was David Slater 1st, Ernie Duncan 2nd, Brian Richardson 3rd, Sandy Thorburn 4th and David Parson 5th.


Monday 24th April 2017

The Mallards were hosts to a party of senior golfers from Penrith Golf Club today. So it was a mixture of match play golf and social golf. The Mallrds won the match 5 - 4.

Thursday 20th April 2017

An excellent turnout by members, 46 taking part in today's stableford competition. On a decent sort of day, dull with a bit of a stiff breeze on player returned and outstanding score and that was today's winner, Bob Paterson with 45 points, runner up was David Parsons with 39 points, 3rd place went to Des Bitcon with 37 points and in 4th was Cyril Hankey also with 37 points. 2's recorded by Bob Paterson x 2, David Hoggard x 2 and Brian Richardson

Thursday 13th April 2017

A cool but otherwise decent day for golf. A team event, a 'Sixsome' was today's event, won by the pairing of George Bullamore & Peter Marsden with a net 64.5. Runners up were Adam Aitken & Alan Nixon with a net 67 and 3rd was the team of Dennis Massey & David Hoggard with a net 68

Monday 10th April 2017

Today was the first round of the medal 'Eclectic' in which 37 members of the Mallards took part which was very good as medal golf is not to everyone's taste. Playing in pretty good conditions Harry Smith ran out the winner with a net 72. runner up was Frank Riley with a net 73 as did Peter Milnes, 3rd, on his first full competitive round since his knee op. 4th places went to George Bullamore and in 5th place was Guy Newing. No 2's recorded

Thursday 6th April 2017

Match time again, the first of the summer. A party of 16 travelled to Kirkcudbright and for a change came away with a credible draw 4-4. A 9 hole competition was arranged for those members not playing the match, but for reason best left alone it was a bit of a shambles. Half those playing signed into the wrong competition and entered scores in the wrong competition. The correct competition developed computer problems and those that did put scores in found that it gave a faulty result.

Monday 3rd April 2017

Much better day, a mixture of sunshine and cloud and a slight breeze.Scores were so much better than last week. Once again a full house with 45 members taking part in a stableford competition. John Thwaites was first on a CPO with 41 points, Gronwyn Hughes was runner up also with 41 points. Jim Fihelebon was 3rd with 39 points and Brian Richardson 4th with 37 points 2's recorded by David Hoggard & Brian Richardson.

Captains Corner updated

Thursday 30th March 2017

Finally the full course was open today but rather wet underfoot and made for heavy going. 44 members took part in a medal competition. The top 3 places all returned net 72's so in order it was Ernie Duncan, David Harding and Peter Marsden, 4th place went to Malcolm Pearson. 2's recorded by Bob Paterson, Steven Myers and David Walby

A reminder that the Annual Dinner and Presentation night will be held on Wednesday 5th April 2017 in the Marquee

Monday 27th March 2017

35 members took part in a stableford competition. The competition was played over 17 holes as the 3rd is still closed for maintenance. Winner today with 36 points was Gronwyn Hughes, George Bullamore was the runner up with 35 points. David Slater was 3rd also with 35 points and Bill Anson was 4th with 34 points. Guy Newing recorded the only 2 of the day.

A further reminder that Wednesday 5th April 2017 is the Annual Dinner and Prize Giving night.

Thursday 23rd March 2017

Another bitterly cold start to the day that improved as the morning wore on. Today was the opening stableford competition of the summer golf and was won by David Harding with 43 points. Runner up was George Bullamore with 38 points. 3rd was Bill Anson with 37 points, Bob Paterson was 4th with 36 points and again no 2's recorded so 5th place went to Jim Fihelebon

It is the Mallards Annual Dinner and Prize Giving evening on Wednesday 5th April. If you are wishing to attend the event please do so by filling in the menu sheet on the notice board or informing the captain.

Monday 20th March 2017

Early morning it was doubtful as to whether there would be any golf but being the lucky ones the rain cleared nicely in tome for the first paring to start play and it turned to be rather a pleasant morning with some excellent score even if there was a couple of winter greens in play. (the main greens just a tad too soggy) Today was the opening medal of the summer season and a comfortable win for John Welch who returned a net 63 (and a GP reduction) runner up was Jim Fihelebon with a net 67, in 3rd was Adam Aitken with a net 70, 4th was Dennis Massey with a net 70 and as no 2's were recorded 5th place went to Gronwyn Hughes with a net 71

Thursday 16th March 2017

A better day than was forecast in that the rain stayed away until late in the day. Today's event was a Team Texas Scramble played over 17 holes, the 3rd closed. The winners with a net 60.8 were Malcolm Pearson, John Glendinning & Harry Smith, runners up were Harry Martin, Brian McLauchlan & John Welch with a net 61.8. In 3rd place was the team of Dennis Massey, David Harding & Ernie Duncan with a net 62.5. Thirteen teams took part in the event

Monday 13th March 2017

At last the summer season of golf has started. The event being the Captains Drive In, Jim Cruddas, followed by the Captain v Vice Captain match. An excellent turn out by members on a rather pleasant sping morning. 52 players, 13 matches and a win for the Vice Captains team 7 - 6

Thursday 9th March 2017

The final round of the winter season of golf was played today. It was also the final round of the Winter Medal 'Eclectic' A really good turn out by members in the 41 took part in the event played in rather pleasant conditions. The winner on the day was Des Bitcon with a net 67, runner up was David Parsons with a net 68. In 3rd place was the Captain, Jim Cruddas with a net 69. 4th was Gilmour McKellar also with a net 69. 2's recorded by Adam Aitken, Harry Martin, John Glendinning x 2 and Ian Melrose.

As it was the last golf round of the winter season all winter trophy competitions were completed. The winner of the Snowball Trophy was Brian Richardson. The winner of the winter 'eclectic' was John Roberson. The play off for the Winter League was played yesterday, Wednesday 8th March and was won by Dennis Massey & Ian Melrose. Finally the winners of the Winter Greensome KO was Jim Fihelebon & Ian Castle. Congratulations to all.

Next up on Monday 13th March is the start of the Summer Season and commences with the Captains Drive in followed by the Captain v Vice Captain Match with a light lunch on completion of the golf

Monday 6th March 2017

Team event time again, this time a Team Medal with two scores to count on the par 4's and 5's and three scores on the par 3's. Heavy rains over the weekend meant that just 16 holes were open for play, never the less some good score were returned. The team of David Parsons, David Langley & Stuart Richardson were he winner with a net 121. George Bullamore, Ernie Duncan & Peter Marsden were runners up with a net 122 and the team of Bill Anson, Douglas Pringle & Guy Newing were 3rd with a net 123

Friday 3rd March 2017

A bit of a problem with Thursday results delayed an update of the web pages. One bright spark recorded a 2 on the 12th hole and claimed 7 points. The problem has been resolved and the result is as it was. So the winner of Thursday's stableford was Adam Aitken with 47 points, runner up was Jim Cruddas with 44 points In 3rd and 4th places with the best of a gaggle on 42 points was Cyril Hankey & Ernie Duncan. 2's recorded by John Turner, Cyril Hankey & Adam Aitken.

Order of Merit 2017

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