Winter Results 2018 - 19. . .

Individual Competition and Team Event Results
Mon 15/10 Match v Maryport (h) Cancelled. Course Closed
Thur 18/10 Medal 1st: Jim Cruddas
2nd: Ray MacDowall
3rd: Sandy Thorburn
4th: Harry smith
2's: Harry Smith
Mom 22/10 Texas Scramble 1st: Vic Bee,Harry Smith & Guy Newing
2nd: Ken Sloan, Paul Whitehouse & Vic Hargreaves
3rd: Gronwyn Hughes, Jim Cruddas & Ernie Duncan
Thur 25/10 Sixsome 1st: Ian Castle & David Parsons
2nd: David Wrightson & Cyril Hankey
3rd: Guy Newing & David Hoggard
Mon 29/10 Stableford 1st: Dennis Massey
2nd:Paul Whitehouse
3rd: Vic Hargreaves
4th: Chris Seed
2's: Ted Innes & Warren Holt
Thur 1/11 Team Stableford 1st: Jim Fihelebon, Peter Marsden & Malcolm Pearson
2nd: Harry Smith, Harry Martin & David Hoggard
3rd: Frank Riley, Guy Newing & Vic Winn
Mon 5/11 Medal 'Eclectic' Rnd 1 1st: George Bullamore
2nd: David Langley
3rd: Dennis Massey
4th: Guy Newing
2's: Dennis Massey
Thur 8/11 Stableford 1st: John Charlton
2nd: Peter Warren
3rd: Adam Aitken
4th: Jim Fihelebon
2's: Adam Aitken
Mon 12/11 Sixsome 1st: Malcolm Pearson & Harry Smith
2nd: Des Bitcon & John Charlton
3rd: Ken Sloan & Ian Melrose
4th: Dennis Massey & Jim Cruddas
Thur 15/11 Stableford 1st: George Bullamore
2nd: Ken Sloan
3rd: Ian Castle
4th: Harry Martin
5th: John Welch
Mon 19/11 Bogey 1st: Ken Sloan
2nd: Ray MacDowell
3rd: Henry Thompson
4th: David Parsons
5th: John Welch
Thur 22/11 Medal 'Eclectic' Rnd 2 1st: Malcolm Pearson
2nd: Jim Cruddas
3rd: George Bullamore
4th: Dennis Massey
2's: George Bullamore & David Hoggard
Hole in One: John Welch
Mon 26/11 Texas Scramble 1st: Douglas Pringle John Turner & Antonio Menezes
2nd: George Bullamore, Ray MacDowell & George Bell
3rd: David Langley, Ian Castle & Jim Robertson
Mon 3/12 Stable/medal 1st: John Roberson
2nd: Harry Smith
3rd: Brian McLauchlan
4th: Andy Swanston
5th: David Walby
Mon 30/12 Stableford 1st: Brian Richardson
2nd: Chris Seed
3rd: Allan Robinson
4th: Des Bitcon
2's: Tony Robinson & Chris Small
Thur 13/12 4 Club Stableford 1st: Paul Whitehouse
2nd: Jim Fihelebon
3rd: Keith Stuttard
4th: John Glendinning
2's: Jim Fihelebon


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